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artworks made from Kitty's cat colouring book

Just a few of the wonderful artworks made with my cat colouring book.

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Kitty's Cat Colouring Book, Cat with Hearts by Colouring Calm

Another wonderful version of Kitty's Cat with Hearts, just in time for Valentines Day (Book One, page 2). The talented Colouring Calm: 'Colour creator with a dream to inspire'.
She certainly does - I love her bold use of vibrant jazzy colours, and the fab glitter pop-art hearts so uplifting!

Girl with Java Curls, Cat Colouring Book

I was thrilled to see 'Valentina' - Kitty's cat (Book One, page 2) with vibrant pink hearts.
Made in February, this cute cat arrived just in time for Valentine's Day!
The colourist is the lovely Girl with Java Curls from, Brussels, Belgium
Her colours are gorgeous; see more of her work on Instagram, where she shares her "..passion for travel, coloring, crafts, and amazing food.

Kitty's Cat Colouring Book For Adults, Lissie Lake

Living in the beautiful country of Finland, Lissie is a keen and talented colouring book artist; studying hard for her BBA (business qualification).
I love the silver grey shading she has used on the background of my cat: 19 from Kitty's Cat: Book One.

Kitty's Cat Colouring Book, Sweety High

Sweety High is a US based lifestyle magazine for girls. I was thrilled to be featured in: These Incredible Coloring Books Under $15 Prove Coloring Isn't Just for Little Kids. I love the colours they used on cat no:19 from my first colouring book.

Kitty's Cat Colouring Book, Beth Cohen

Beth Cohen used beautiful blues to create a jewel-like pattern on cat no:3 in my first colouring book. Beth is a great traveller, which explains the exotic inspiration!

Marilou Scott, Colouring Book artist

Marilou Scott is a New Zealand based creative artist.
Her pages are full of fantastic tips on colouring and other crafts. Her Pinterest page.


Amy is a student at Durham University. Her use of colour on cat no: 1 from Book One is simply gorgeous. I was chuffed when she my told me that colouring my book started her drawing again - for the first time since school!

Cat Colouring Book 1777ss

Beautiful shading and use of blues and gold, by this colouring book artist based in Wellington NZ. Her Instagram are about art, inspiration and an adorable dog!

Cat Colouring Book Angela

Angela's Instagram is a photo diary of her days and nights. She enjoys coloring, journaling, crocheting and taking pictures.

Kitty's Cat Colouring Book, Jane Parker

Amelia Parker makes unique jewellery and accessories using fragments of clay pipe stems carefully selected from the River Thames foreshores in her home town London, England.

Martin Cat Colouring Book

Martin Vallis is a London based photographer.
Shop here for prints of his striking imagery, as well as t-shirts, phone cases etc..

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