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Colouring tips and techniques

Cat Colouring Book for Adults Watercolour Pencils

Kitty's Cat: Colouring Book for Adults. Page no:19. Watercolour Pencils with Shading

Watercolour pencils are great for detailed colouring book work.  Adding water blends the colours; deepening and adding vibrancy. Perfect for your travels.

Watercolour Pencils for Cat Colouring Book

My colouring pencils are Stabilo Aquarelle, but any good watercolour pencil will do. Choose one with a nice soft lead.

In this example, I am colouring page no:19 of my Colouring Book for Adults; Kitty's cat is covered in fuschia-like flowers with swirly stems.

I decide on red and yellow for the flowers, green for the stems and leaves, and blue for the background.

TIP: Kitty's Cat: Colouring Book for Adults includes a small size of each image; perfect to experiment with colourways and choose a palette.

Colouring Books for Adults, Cat Pencils Tips

Step 1: With the red pencil, colour from the sepal (green part that attaches flower to stem). Vary the pressure - firmer towards inner edge of petal, lighter on outer edge.

Watercolour pencils techniques, cat colouring book for adults

Step 2: For the tips of the petals, I used a chrome yellow. This time, using more pressure on tip of petal for stronger colour.

Cat Colouring Book for Adults, Watercolour shading tips

Step 3: I applied colour to the stems in two stages: a layer of yellow, then light green on top.

Cat Colouring book for adults: Watercolour pencil colouring tips

Step 4: Next I coloured in the pale blue background, and the eyes of Kitty's cat.

Cat Colouring book for adults. Tips: watercolour pencils

Step 5: Using a soft, not too wet, brush work gently into the colours (I used a No. 5 watercolour brush from Windsor & Newton). Dry excess water from the brush with paper towel.

Use small brushstrokes to blend the red and yellow petals, the green and yellow stems and the blue background.

The finished artwork looked like a blue pottery cat.

I displayed it in an oak frame.

Colouring Materials used:

Stabilo Watercolour Pencils: buy on Amazon

Windsor & Newton no:5 watercolour brush: buy on Amazon

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