Kitty's Cat Colouring Book for Adults

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Kitty's Cat Colouring Book for Adults, Book One

Kitty's Cat, Colouring Book for Adults

Stimulate your creativity with my portfolio of patterned, paper pussys

Each page of my colouring book features my cat with unique a hand-drawn pattern, for you to add your own colour.

If you are new to colouring, or haven’t picked up a pencil for a while, you will find it easy to create colourful one-off artworks; while the more experienced colourist will find plenty to challenge and inspire them.

Kitty's Cat Sample page

Colouring my cat is relaxing and healing. Allow your imagination to guide you to the colours that inspire you. Choosing a palette will stimulate your creativity, to create your own original artworks.

Kitty's Cat Sample page

The bonus mini-versions of each cat at the back of the colouring books are purr-fect to test your colourways. They also make beautiful hand-made greetings cards.

Have fun experimenting with different techniques … even go over the lines!

Kitty's Cat Sample page

My cat is also great to use in your craft projects. Try cutting-out the coloured cats to make a row of cat-bunting, some kitty-stickers, or your own fine-art prints.

For inspiration, see my Reader's Gallery for some of the wonderful artworks created by colouring my cat.

Both page sizes fit into standard frames, so you can easily display your work, or create a unique and original gift for someone special.

Kitty's Cat Sample page

Kitty's Cat: Colouring Book for adults is priced at less than a fiver so makes a great stocking filler or gift for a cat lover.

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Kitty's Cat Colouring Book for Adults, Index page Book One

Index: twenty patterned cat pages to colour

When I was working on the illustrations for my colouring book, I kept the pictures simple, which allows the colourist to be as creative as possible in their choice of colour and medium.

Kitty's Cat Colouring Book One Page Five

Kitty's Cat colouring Book for adults. page 5

I take inspiration for my colouring pages from various sources including flowers and patterns in nature. This cat is based on my love of Indian fabrics.

Kitty's Cat Colouring Book. Page 11

Kitty's Cat colouring Book for adults, page 11

This flower pattern on page 11 of my first colouring book has a retro 50's vibe.

Kitty's Cat Colouring Book, mini prints page

mini prints. purr-fect for greetings cards.

The smaller mini-sizes at the back of Kitty's Cat colouring book are perfect to test your colourways.

Perfect to make unique hand-coloured greetings cards; an original gift for a cat lover.

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